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Founder's Story

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Welcome to our site. I’m so happy that you are on your journey to a healthier you. I created this site to help others in the same situation that I was in. I was frustrated by the health care system not taking my reproductive health seriously. I was told multiple times from health care providers that this was something I must live with, that there wasn’t much they could do. Hormonal imbalances are not something you have to live with! We can take control of our health. It’s not normal to be in pain or suffer from heavy bleeding. Let’s change that!

I’ll begin with my story:

Since I was 11 years old, I suffered from heavy, long, and painful period bleeding – including large clots, some of which were the size of grapefruits. The periods were irregular: Months could go by without a period or I would have a period two weeks after just having one. When I was on my period, I would miss out on so much due to the heavy and painful bleeding: I would have to miss friends’ parties, social events, school, or even work. I would have to cancel plans that I made months ahead because I would bleed through both pad and tampon within twenty minutes. I would often get embarrassed by the amount I was bleeding. I had relationships ruined, especially romantic ones, because no one could understand why I was constantly in bed or cancelling events.

Throughout the years, I would go in and out of emergency rooms for hemorrhaging to only be turned away from doctors. I was always turned away because my blood pressure wasn’t low enough and my iron levels were very high (many years later, I found out that if you have inflammation, your levels will be high). A few years ago, I was given this drug (called Tranexamic Acid) by my family doctor after another ER doctor turned me away. This drug can have serious side effects as warned by my doctor. My doctor told me that I had to decide (more like predict) which days I thought would be the heaviest.

I saw specialist after specialist. All they would say is that you have high estrogen and we’re not sure why. They did no further investigation or testing as to why I had high estrogen. I was given the option of a hysterectomy so that I wouldn’t suffer from heavy bleeding. But I wanted children and chose not that route. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I thought because they were specialists, I would finally have answers. Unfortunately, I did not get any answers.

In 2020, I decided to see a naturopath, against the advice of a few doctors (that will be a story for another day). It was there we discovered I had adrenal PCOS. Finally, after many years, I had answers! Within a few months of herbal supplements and diet change, the heavy, painful bleeding stopped. There were no more clots. I couldn’t believe it. My periods are now regular and now last six days (as oppose to 15 to 30 days of heavy bleeding).

Trying to find supplements and other items I needed to continue with my period success was a bit of a challenge. I would have to go to different brick and mortar stores, as well as online, to get what I needed. Then the brilliant idea came to me: why don’t I create a one-stop shop and help others with their reproductive health journey. That’s how Strong and Femme Inc. came to be. I hope you find this website useful. We have a community forum, so please share your personal journey and any helpful information that you may have. I can’t wait to hear your success story! I wish you all the best in your health journey.

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